J&M Schaefer offers a complete line of all types of batteries:

  • Flooded/Wet Cells
  • Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries – Gel & AGM
  • Motive Power (Lift Truck) Batteries
  • NiCad Batteries
  • Lithium Ion Batteries

Battery Chargers

As DC power Specialists, we represent a variety of batteries chargers and battery chargers manufacturers because of the varied fields that we serve.

  • Stationary Battery Chargers
  • Ferro Resonant Industrial Battery Chargers
  • SCR Industrial Battery Chargers
  • High Frequency Industrial Battery Chargers

DC Power Plants

We design, build and install full turnkey DC power plants, complete with charging redundancy, output distribution and all associated cabling. DC power plant sizes vary greatly, from under 10 amps, to a large system, with outputs over 10,000 amps. Contact us to discuss a system designed specifically to your needs.

UPS Systems

J & M Schaefer is proud to represent Vertiv with the complete line of Liebert UPS Systems. Our team of engineers, electricians, and technicians can provide complete turnkey UPS System installations. The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is the linchpin of the critical energy system, providing battery backup and power conditioning that increases availability and system performance.

  • Home & Office, 350VA to 20KVA
  • Large Facilities, 30KVA to 1000+KVA
  • Network & Rack, 500VA to 120+KVA


J & M Schaefer can custom engineer a converter system to meet your specific needs.  We design, hand build and test each system at our shop in Upstate NY. Each converter can be engineered to have built in redundancy and supply any needed equipment. We can use 19″ or 23″ racks, half racks, swing racks and outdoor cabinets are all options. Our most common converters are:

  • 120VDC to -48VDC
  • 48VDC to -48VDC
Part Numbers:

  • MTD48/50-130-1U/55053-503: 130VDC to -48VDC w/ 7’ x 19” stand alone rack
  • MTD48/50-130-1U/11790-718: 130VDC to -48VDC w/ 19” x 24” wall mounted swing rack
  • MTD48/50-1U/11808-718: 130VDC to -48VDC w/ 23” x 49” wall mounted swing rack
  • MTD48/50-1U/11807-718: 130VDC to -48VDC w/ 19” x 49” wall mounted swing rack
  • 55053-503/1502:-48-48- 48v to -48v w/7’ x 19” stand alone rack
  • 11808-718/1502:-48-48- 48v to -48v w/ 23” x 49” wall mounted swing rack
  • F2016022-MTD4850: 130VDC to -48vdc w/Netflex Outdoor Cabinet 

Lift Truck Batteries

J & M Schaefer is proud to represent Crown Battery Lift Truck Batteries including the C-Line, V-Line and Industrial Libra Batteries.

  • C-Line Batteries
  • V-Line Batteries
  • Crown Batteries
  • Libra Batteries