Preventive Maintenance

J & M Schaefer, Inc. also offers a complete array of Preventive Maintenance programs designed and customized to meet specific needs based on your systems requirements. A properly executed DC Power maintenance program will aid in maximizing battery life, and will alert you to potential problems before they result in outages. Following each visit a comprehensive and customized report with recommendations will be provided. These reports provide history and trending information that is critical in maintaining your DC power equipment and will keep the manufacturers warranties in effect.


J & M Schaefer, Inc provides diagnostic testing and audit services to ensure your DC power equipment is operating at peak performance.

• Load Testing – Perform capacity load testing per IEEE standards and provide temporary batteries to ensure equipment remains protected during testing.

• Resistance, Impedance, Conductance & Connection Testing – Preformed as a stand alone service or as part of a comprehensive maintenance program to help identify potential problems.

• Site Audits – Provide a customized comprehensive report on your DC, AC, UPS, Grounding, Generator, HVAC systems.

• Grounding – Troubleshoot grounding problems to eliminate catastrophic system failures, severe equipment damage and personal injury.

• Alarm Verification – Test alarm set points to verify your systems integrity and reliability.


J & M Schaefer trained and certified technicians provide installations of DC Power Systems, Batteries, UPS Systems, Distribution Bays, Control & Monitoring, Alarming, Cabling, Chargers, Inverters, Emergency Lighting, Fuel Cells, and Spill Containment Systems all per the manufacturer specifications.

Engineering & Training

• Engineering, Furnish & Install (EF&I) – New or upgrade of complete systems.

• Training - Conduct instructional classes for training on proper installation and maintenance procedures of DC power systems.


J & M Schaefer has an extensive inventory of rental equipment to provide temporary power tailored to customers’ unique requirements.

Removal, Disposal & Recycle

Remove and recycle old DC power equipment and dispose of properly while conforming to all D.E.C. and E.P.A. requirements.

Emergency Response

We offer 24-hour service, 7 days a week emergency response services, with a staff of service technicians and fully equipped vehicles.

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